Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ground Hog Day Blizzard, 2016

I have a banjo that I don't know how to play yet.  I practice holding it, and look pretty good.  It is still possible.  When I can actually play the banjo, there are 2 songs I want in my repertoire:  Cluck Old Hen, and Ground Hog.

We ate the meat and tanned the hide,
the best shoe laces that ever was tied, Ground Hog!
 is the line that kills me. 

I love this song, despite being vegetarian,  if I don't count fish as living creatures.

Our Ground Hog Day blizzard was a doozy, and did not disappoint, after all the extravagant predictions.   The world went white, and in a few short hours, we had our beautiful Wisconsin winter, at long last.  I felt so sorry for my friends, posting pictures on facebook, of themselves sitting in hot tubs, sipping cool drinks, on Sanibel, or out on Key West walking around on a beach, doing nothing in particular.

We Wisconsinites in our Rightful Place had snow to shovel, and we got right to it.  The beauty of snow laden boughs and branches was legendary.  When the sun came out, on all that beautiful
white, heaped and piled on every little thing, our spirits soared!

I took my wool rugs, mostly woven by my mother, out in that pristine, crystalline white.  This is the kind of snow to pile on those woolen weaves and broom off.  They'll look so bright after you sweep them with snow, my mother always said, and she did, and I do (and those rugs do look bright).


Judy Martin said...

Thanks for that tip about brushing the Finnish rugs with snow. I have several, but my grandmother didn't live long enough to give me that advice - and my mother didn't know it because it wasn't her heritage.

I have the rugs, I have the snow...shall go brighten my rugs now.

Tina said...

The snow is beautiful! Love the tip about the rugs. I also love your weaving, thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Judy, I'm so happy to think of you out in the snow, brooming your rugs! I usually hang them out on the porch railing after I shake most of the snow off, so they are dry

Susan said...

thank you, Tina. It's a good thing to do with all that clean,dry snow

Judith said...

I am also grateful for the tip and shall get to work sweeping: snow, broom, rugs, energy. I have it all! Thanks!

barbindell said...

As the saying goes "I've got snow tires"

Susan said...

Word. With snow tires a girl can get anywhere she needs to get!

Anne said...

Wished I had snow to broom my rugs. I've always thought I was born in the wrong country. Australia is so young, and even though two generations before me were born here, my Irish, English and German heritage still linger heavily in my genes. Many thanks for your blog. Your pictures and writing move me.

Hilary said...

Ah.......I don't eat meat, but somehow fish is ok. Go figure.

I love the snow on trees, and the cold wind on your face.
And I love cleaning rugs that way.

Susan said...

Haha, Hilary. I eat fish because they taste so good! I have no appetite for 2 lor 4 leggers. Or, the cruelty of boiling lobsters.
When I clean my rugs with snow, I feel briefly like a virtuous housewife (not the usual slacker). My fear is to give anyone an obituary opportunity, when I'm dead and gone, to remember me as such a good housekeeper. "Adequate" is all I try for, for the record.

cristina said...

All this beautiful snow... I have plenty myself - when it's gone I'll walk like a sailor on shore leave after all those months of snow and ice. I wish sometimes only for more trees for the snow to lie upon.

I'll try the snow thing with our rugs, maybe it helps with baby spit and dog's drool;-)

Brian ibsen said...

I am in rural Senegal. No snow here. I am visiting the looms of Aisa Dionne.

Susan said...

Cristina, what lovely words! I'm both eager and sad for winter to go.

FoxcreekMom said...

Love your blog. I feel like I just took a vacation to a peaceful world. Busy working mom, home today with a sick kid--getting ready to pull weeds in the 85 degree heat in So. Cal. Thanks for the little break.