Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here is the start of a set of wool rugs, woven in Swedish double binding, a 2-layered block weave. I've been wool gathering, and winding warps, calculating, and threading for the last week, so I'm happy to be weaving at last. The blocks are 10" square, but I'm weaving them long so they'll be square when they're finally cut off the loom. To finish, I'll dampen them, then dry them in a hot dryer. I'm cautiously optimistic about the project at the moment.


Ming said...

Oh wow. Looks beautiful so far! Weaving seems like such a relaxing task.

Anonymous said...

You should try it. It is relaxing, when it goes well!

Anonymous said...

I love your work. My name is Theresa and live in Ontario, Canada. I am new to weaving and have a lecler 8 harness loom. Trying to do rosepath rag rugs like yours but they dont look the same. could you tell me your tie up and treadling pattern for your wild rose rug and pillow. I love how they look like little flowers. Please email me at