Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Good Donkey

The old warp is done now, long live the new taupe and white 12/6 Swedish cotton warp I plan to tie on and pull through. I love this offset diamond twill weave with the wool blanket remnants, because it is so deeply textured, and because it makes the diamond grid eccentric.
The gray and olive rug, with linen headers, was woven out to 63 inches but lost 4 inches when it went through the hot cycle of the dryer.

Testimonial: here is the little loom that does its work so reliably and well, a homely little donkey Kessenich loom I bought used in 1982. I do not know how many rugs I have made on this good loom, but they have been good rugs.

See what my daughter Ursula, and her husband, Craig, have made!
My daughter is a weaver. Good work, Ursula and Craig.

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