Monday, November 10, 2008

Lucky Day

From the fortune cookie: today is a Lucky Day for those who remain cheerful and optimistic.
In bed. I should have stayed in bed. I misplaced my glasses for half the day (behind a curtain on a window sill). I missed a deadline by 5 min. I sent a batch of moldy, dented cranberries to my mother-in-law for a Thanksgiving present! If I'd been wearing my good glasses it would not have happened.

I did finish weaving a nice birch bark log pillow in the evening, and found these papers I'd marbled years ago, that survived last year's fire in our old shop building, in an old (flammable) suitcase. They were only a little smoke damaged. They remind me of some smoked mulberry stencil paper I once bought from Aiko's paper store in Chicago. Sadly, Aiko's has closed now. I remember how my marbling experiment disappointed me. How difficult it was to control the oils and the patterns, when I wanted to create classic Persian feather shapes.

What surprises me is, seeing them again, I now like them. They have intriguing colors, and contours, like maps of the surface of Mars.


Brittany | the Home Ground said...

Those papers really do look like bizarre celestial maps! They could be nebulae, or perhaps Neptune.

I'm sure your mother-in-law appreciated the thought... I know my almost-mother-in-law would have thought it to be hilarious!

Grandpa A said...

Hey Susan, Dorothy says, "The cranberries are already ground into sauce, and there were no more bad ones than a lot I've gotten at Safeway!" Have eaten some, gave a little away, and the rest is safely stored in the fridge. Much appreciated. I still have fond memories of paper marbelling on the table under the pine tree with you!!