Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eating Bread and Honey

That would be me, like a queen in her parlor, eating bread and honey.  Mr. Pike, the beekeeper, delivered these  bottles of honey from the hives in my yard, gathered in the flowers in our fields and woods.  There's still quite a bit of honey left in the hives for the bees to use to get through the coming winter.

Scarf # 3 is drying on the line.   I'll call it Sugar Maple, for the color the maples are about to turn on the hill.  One more to make on this warp, but it will be back to the shadows with my normal nocturnal plan:  copper,  light olive green, dark orange and deep teal blue.


Unknown said...

oh such summery sweetness to taste and to see. that scarf is a bright beauty.

Susan said...

I might be getting sweeter as I get older....not a bad thing.
Thanks for reading

riverweave said...

I love the summery colors of the scarf, light and fun.
the honey is light and delicious!

Velma Bolyard said...

i know, i hate the word, but that scarf is pretty. and your pwn honey, how sweet is that?

Susan said...

Thanks, Kathy.
Velma, Yes, sweet fruit-of-the-loom and the beeyard.
I have to resist my knee-jerk bias against making something simply pretty. But some things are simply that, and they're true and good, too. Honey is almost too good to be true.