Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wisconsin Troubles (Short Form)

 I'm hanging out my weaving wash, making a laundry list of disappointments.  
We can now definitively say that the Stop Walker button I have been wearing has no magical powers.
Take a deep breath. Take another one. Repeat. 


Saskia said...

really like your weaving and the way it's hanging out there; have no idea who(?) Walker is

Anonymous said...

Those little squares of pattern in your weaving remind me of trying to get the rabbit ears positioned just right to watch SNL back in the day.


Peg Cherre said...

How do you get those little squares? Are they woven separately & sewn in after? Doubleweave? Clasped weft?

Saskia - Walker's the governor who's into busting unions. I believe we'll all be affected, regardless of where in this country we live or what we do for a living, by Walker's overwhelming victory.

Susan said...

Saskia, Thank you. A weasel!

Sofie, That's just what they are, watching SNL through a snowstorm. I miss it.

Peg, Those are rosepath, I only weave the pattern across a small section of the warp, but I carry the tabby between the pattern picks all the way across. Fun, fun, fun. Try it!

I'm just bitter. A sore loser.

Donatella said...

what a beautiful washing line!

barbindell said...

Susan,save the button---as I have said before give the little "weasal" enough rope and he will eventually hang himself!

Susan said...

doni, I'm happy you like the picture

Barb, You are a good person. I'm stuck. Can't take my button off. Give him enough rope and he may drag all the rest of us down, too. I hope he lands in jail

Nancy said...

I'm here again, via Jude, because sometimes you just remember something beautiful and want to look again! I love your weaving and it looks so wonderful hangin out in your world!