Friday, February 14, 2014


This week I had to re-thread my loom, since Mikey the Cat jumped sideways onto the warp behind the heddle frames, from the floor, taking all but a few warp ends down with him as he fell through. I had forgotten to secure the warp ends in front of the beater.

 I always secure my warp ends when I cut a piece of weaving off the loom. In 34 years of weaving this has never happened to me. Now, I'm back to weaving more of the rag and yarn weave fabric, like what I had just cut off the loom, which I plan to cut and sew into a coverlet.

This time, I'm trying to weave a more rustic, plainer weave, with the idea of a blanket for a prison cell.  Strangle the Cat will be the name of this coverlid, when and if I am ever able to make it.  Lucky for him (orange striped above) I'm an unconditional cat lover.  

The idea of coverlet weaving has wormed itself into my brain, and I am a little distracted. The modern, minimal weaves of Catarina Riccabona  have been making me crazy for a while.  I may even come around to some traditional overshot patterns. I never dreamed I'd go there, but I've been looking at old Marguerite Davidson again. At this moment, everything is fluid.  Ideas are tumbling around in my head. I'll call that a good sign. Better than frozen.


Corvi said...

Ha! Strangle the Cat is the name of my next band.

Your forbearance is impressive. Good thing Mikey's a cutie. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's always intresting to watch your designs evolve - what a variation of structures and patterns, but all within same style. Cat jumping - is a part of the process, I'd guess, it will be woven into the cloth :)

Sofie said...

Mom those warp stripes are amazing. Bad mikey!

Susan said...

BAd, bad Mikey.

Judith said...

A blanket for a prison cell....creative way of saying "going for neutral"

great plan despite the setbacks

my moss and lichen inspired beginning has turned into a bad plaid

weaving is a mystery, cats are a mystery
the path continues
wonderful post: "dithering"

Susan said...

Judith, don't judge your weave so hard. It will probably surprise you. And thanks for sewing the panels together to make your "tablecloth" So inspirational. (It still looks like a coverlet to me)

Nancy said...

First few pics are so delicious...I just want to hold this masterpiece of yours!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I do love the idea of a prison cell design. Dithering--my normal state-of-mind. It will lead to something beautiful, I'm sure. Excited to see the process, cat and all.